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The Disintegrator Process

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On Site Spark erosion or Spark eroding or electro metal disintegration for the removing of broken
bolts, studs, drills, taps or extractors, which is achieved by creating an electric spark between
the broken item and the electrode which is held in a vibrating head.
The spark at the tip of the electrode and the item to be removed reaches almost 5000 degrees Centigrade,
flooding with coolant creates a thermal shock, reducing the heated material of the broken item
 to powder which is flushed away. No discernable heating of the  parent material occurs,
and there is no distortion of the parent metal when removing the broken  drill, tap or extractor.

We started in 1999 removing broken studs with broken extractors, mainly in the motor trade locally, 
and have since travelled the country, removing broken drills, taps,
mould ejector pins, and head studs from plant and marine engines

Spark erosion can be carried out in house, or at your site, anywhere, subject to call out charge,
 and is perfect for removing broken taps, broken drills and broken extractors,
as well as broken bolts and studs.

By prior arrangement, we can also work on smaller,
 transportable items sent to us,
either by carrier or by your own transport

A clean cut with little or no damage to the work piece

Using our portable spark eroding machines since 1999

We have removed:-broken taps, drills, studs and extractors, from engines, machined components and machinery  at sites including:-
Inverness, Peterehead, Glasgow, Redcar and Darlington, Swansea, Lowestoft,
 Colchester, Shoeburyness, Canterbury, London, Hastings, Bodmin and Falmouth.


Under the new REACH requirements, the only dielectric used is water.

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After the above work is completed, it remains the customer's responsibility to verify that the component is fit for use
 and is suitable for the purpose for which it was intended.
Please see terms and conditions on our other web site at http://www.sparkeroding.co.uk/terms.htm

We only work on the strict understanding that our terms and conditions are understood
and agreed, and by calling us out, such agreement is implicit.


Stripped and Damaged Threads
Reclaimed by wire insert or Helicoil